November 16

NTx Raises $47.5 Million to Advance Next-Generation Biomanufacturing


BioP2P Staff

Nature’s Toolbox, a life sciences company building next generation platforms to manufacture RNA and protein, said it raised $47.5 million in a series B financing.

RA Capital Management led the round, which will be used advance the company’s biomanufacturing platforms, NTxscribe and NTxpress. The company said these technologies will ultimately provide solutions to prepare for future pandemic events, personalized medicine therapies, and increased access to critical vaccines and medicines.

NTxscribe is currently being deployed in biopharma research and development to help expedite mRNA therapeutic development. It is also the technology being evaluated in the first vaccines-on-demand contract awarded by BARDA DRIVe for pandemic preparedness.

NTxpress is a fully recombinant cell-free expression system that produces proteins while minimizing unwanted cellular metabolism.

“This financing will help us work toward our mission of delivering innovative biomanufacturing solutions designed to manufacture therapeutics in a more rapid, accessible, and sustainable way,” said Jamie Coffin.

Historic challenges with conventional manufacturing processes and supply chain stability have slowed progress and increased costs for the development of critical vaccines and biologics. The NTxscribe platform is a cell-free, true continuous flow manufacturing system that addresses these challenges by delivering scalable RNA materials in a small footprint.

“Having low cost of goods is critical to unlocking the full societal value of any novel modality, and NTx has cracked the code for dramatically reducing the cost and scalability of producing mRNA,” said Peter Kolchinsky, managing partner at RA Capital Management, who joined the board of NTx following the funding. “NTx will help the entire field of mRNA, spanning scores of companies and hundreds of programs, to reach their global potential.”

Read the full release here.


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